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Elk Grove Township is committed to providing residents with the level of services and programs that best fit their wants and needs.


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The Township offers a variety of free programs and services to help residents regain control of their lives and achieve self-sufficiency. Learn more about the many valuable resources available to you.

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As a resident of this Township, you are eligible to access programs and resources to help you through any physical or financial challenges you may face. Reach out to us should you need assistance or referrals to services in your time of need.

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From transportation and employment to passports and parking placards, you’ll find a wide variety of helpful services designed to save you time and energy. If it makes your life easier and serves the needs of the community, you’ll find it here.

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Elk Grove Township serves area youth

These needs include health care, opportunities for social growth and social development, community connections and involvement, and family support. While all of the township’s social service departments are involved in the various programs that serve our youth, the Township Youth Services Department plays the primary role. Led by the Youth Services Director Renee Dorn, the department offers valuable individual and group programs, both at the township and in local schools. The Youth Services team works closely with School Districts 59 and 57 to provide in-classroom programs that address, among other issues, female empowerment, bully prevention and social skill development. The demand for these programs has grown significantly since students returned to school after the COVID-19 shutdown. These programs are also offered on-site at the township and often make use of the Challenge Course located on the property — a low ropes course that propels young participants through physical and mental activities that help to develop communication skills, problem solving and reinforce the value of teamwork and trust. A new school program is the Student Hygiene Closet, which provides personal products to middle school students who may not have access to them. The team also assists High School District 214 by participating in the district’s “Life Program” that helps students with disabilities successfully transition into life beyond high school. In addition, the team works with Elk Grove High School to host Student Government Days where the students are introduced to the workings of local government and encouraged to be involved in their communities. “I believe our Youth Services programs are of great value. Our partnerships with local schools and the programs we hold on-site at the township are all focused on helping our youth navigate life’s challenges and gain the skills needed to successfully make the transition into adulthood,” said Elk Grove Township Supervisor George Busse. Supervisor Busse also pointed out that a unique township youth program that has been on hold for a couple years is coming back later this fall. “Our Bike Safety Course will be up and running for the fall school semester,” he said. “The township has offered bike safety courses to local schools for more than 50 years, but we had to put things on pause for a while after we moved to our new offices three years ago to reconstruct it.” Many residents who grew up in Elk Grove Township participated in this program, and there have been consistent inquiries as to when it would start again. In anticipation of its reopening, the township is currently accepting donations of new or gently used bikes for children K-5. Bikes can be dropped off at the township offices, 600 Landmeier Road, in Elk Grove Village, between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. weekdays. Information about township youth programs can be found at

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Elk Grove Township Youth Services Responds to Pandemic After-Effects

An experiential-based approach is taken, which focuses not only on the challenges experienced by young people, but also highlights current strengths and encourages drawing upon them in social situations. Registration is based on need, age/grade and emotional maturity, and groups run from six to eight weeks. Fall groups include: YSD also partners with District 59 schools and provides services in individual classrooms, as well as through small groups or school assemblies. The emphasis is on building social and emotional skills so youth can be successful in the unique culture for each classroom or group they are involved in. Community building is encouraged, and useful strategies are provided to overcome challenges and issues they may be experiencing. “The Township’s Youth Services Department is focused on helping our young people transition back to school, at a time where many understandably have apprehensions and concerns based on their experiences since the pandemic began,” said Elk Grove Township Supervisor George Busse. “What we are working to address is so extremely important to ensure they can develop emotionally and possess the social skills they need to thrive as they go back to school in person.” YSD can provide services to various organizations at their facilities and/or at the Township building located at 600 Landmeier Road in Elk Grove Village. Youth Services has provided programming to such organizations as the scouts, church groups, police departments and libraries where sessions include topics such as social, emotional, life skills, regulating stress, peer pressure, bullying and empowerment. “We challenge kids to improve upon their life skills and give them the tools they need to be successful in their families, with friends at school and in their future work lives,” said YSD Director Renee Dorn. For more information or to register, call YSD at 847-981-0373 or email

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Elk Grove Township Continues Free Teletherapy

Not only have clients enjoyed the convenience of remote counseling, but many appreciate that it continues to be free of charge at a time when people are suffering financially due to pandemic after-effects.  “The Township wants to ensure those who are in need of help are able to receive it,” said Elk Grove Township Supervisor George Busse. “We encourage residents who are struggling to reach out and access either remote or in-person counseling.” Teletherapy counseling is confidential and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant. Services are provided through the Township’s Adult and Family Counseling Department and are available to individuals, couples and families. Counseling focus areas include depression, anxiety, ADHD and Autism spectrum disorders, as well as family conflicts and negative behavior in teens.  Counselors are licensed, and bilingual (Spanish) counseling is available. In addition to providing services through the Township, counselors also work collaboratively with local school districts 59 and 57, and Township High School District 214.  The Adult and Family Counseling Department, previously labeled Youth and Family Services, was created in the early 1970s to address counseling needs. Today the Department still provides counseling services to children, couples, families and individual adults.   To learn more about teletherapy or in-person counseling services provided by Elk Grove Township, or to schedule an appointment, please call the Adult and Family Counseling Department at 847-981-0373.

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Elk Grove Township Youth & Family Services Strengthens Community

Children ages 2-21, along with their families, can take advantage of services offered, which are available on a sliding scale for payment depending on household income. Among the many offerings are therapy, which is provided by English and bilingual Spanish therapists, screenings for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) as well as counseling, which is also available for depression and anxiety, and issues surrounding parent, child and couple conflicts, among other challenges children and families struggle with. Counselors are also experienced in dealing with child misbehavior and defiance, academic underachievement and general family conflicts. “In addition to Township services that help families experiencing financial hardships, the Youth and Family Services Department helps to address issues that arise from social and emotional challenges many children and families face in life,” said Elk Grove Township Supervisor Mike Sweeney. “Regardless of income, there is help available for all of our residents, so that they can receive the support they need to lead healthier, happier lives.” The Y&FS professional staff takes a solution-based approach to assisting clients and is dedicated to strengthening children and families throughout the Township. In addition to therapy, the Y&FS hosts a Challenge Program where children and teens are placed in a variety of groups depending on their needs, which includes team building, and those aimed at improving social skills and self-esteem. The entire program focuses on helping children understand how their words and actions affect their success with others. The Department additionally works in partnership with District 59 schools and offers Life Skills Groups to students. These groups have an emphasis around social skill-building, girls empowerment, student success groups and the Township’s Bullying Prevention Program. Leadership development, anger management and educational parenting seminars also are part of the offerings provided to children and parents from the school district. The Y&FS has a regular newsletter column in the quarterly Township newsletter, which is delivered to all Elk Grove Township residences. This column features, ‘Tips from the Parenting Tool Box’, which has covered topics such as peer problems, steering teens away from gangs, and the importance of sleep for children, in addition to managing time that youths can play video games and engage with social media on a daily basis. While this newsletter column provides informative reading material, residents may be interested in learning more about all of the services offered. For additional information, please call the Youth and Family Services Department at 847-981-0373 or email Y&FS Clinical Director Dean Reschke at To learn more about the array of services provided by Elk Grove Township, please visit

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School Supply Donations Sought for Elk Grove Township

lk Grove Township is accepting school supply donations now through July 31, 2018 at 11 locations throughout the Township. Supplies will be distributed to children before the 2018-2019 school year begins. “This program allows children to focus on what is important, which is being prepared to learn on the very first day of school,” said Elk Grove Township Supervisor Mike Sweeney. “Back to School Blast Off! helps to make sure that a lack of financial resources does not have an impact on a child’s education.” Among the most needed items for donations are: Drop off locations are listed below and divided by the Village they are located in: School supplies can be dropped off at any of the above locations until July 31 during normal business hours. For more information, visit or call 847-437-0300 and ask for Director of General Assistance Lisa Menich.

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Tips to Help Children Gain Control Over Anxious Situations

In point of fact, it is often the case that much of what children fear is rooted more in imagination than in reality. Parents may be called upon to ease anxieties about everything from strange noises, to water, from spiders in the yard, to monsters under the bed. Comforting children seized with irrational fears can be a difficult task. Tamar E. Chansky, a psychotherapist who treats anxious children and adults and who wrote a practical guide, ‘Freeing Your Child From Anxiety’, said the goal was not to put down children’s fears, but to help them see that their fears are unwarranted and that they can overcome them. She has created a ‘master plan’ for helping children gain control over their anxiety: For those in need of professional help, therapy can produce “meaningful clinical improvement in 50- to 75-percent of children,” Dr. Golda Ginsburg said. “Anxiety is a chronic illness that can emerge in times of environmental crises or change,” she said. “Prevention is important. I want parents to be proactive rather than reactive. A minor adjustment can prevent re-emerging anxiety from interfering with a child’s life.” When minor adjustments do not seem to be working, it may be time to consult with a therapist. The following are red flags that might warrant a consultation: For more information, feel free to call the staff of the Youth Services Department at 847-981-0373.

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Problems with Peers

This parent plea is often heard by the staff of the Youth Services Department of Elk Grove Township. Fortunately, help is available, in the form of Social Skills Groups that are offered, year around, at the Youth Services office at 401 W. Golf Road, Mount Prospect, and also at various Elk Grove Township elementary and junior high schools. “For several years, parents have been requesting help with their sons or daughters who show substantial difficulty understanding how their words and actions affect others,” notes Challenge Program Coordinator Renee Dorn. “Many of these children suffer from Asperger’s disorder, and their parents are worried about their life-long success.” Other children, who have shown more success, participate in our groups as well, providing mentorship and role modeling. “Importantly, we can make a real difference, and do teach these children basic social skills that others simply take for granted,” said Dorn. Children that are appropriate for the Social Skills Groups often lack the ability to examine ‘other’s’ points of view, or the ability to discuss the ‘others’ interest, and make compromises. The program uses physical activities, group discussion and social stories to empower these children to develop strategies that enable them to make and keep friends.  Importantly, the program also uses a ‘social thinking’ skill development curriculum to improve communication and social interactions. The Youth Services Department offers groups for boys and girls (combined) for ages 7 to 10 and 11 to 14.  For more information, contact Renee Dorn at 847-981-0373.

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How the Elk Grove Township Youth and Family Services Department Helps the Community

Or, maybe your experience was somewhat different than this, or mixed.  Many children today experience broken or conflictual families, bullying and isolation at school, and are left “living in their heads,” suffering alone in silence. The Youth and Family Services Department provides services to Elk Grove Township residents that lift parents and children to lead healthier, happier lives.  Individual, couple, and family counseling services are offered on a sliding fee scale to provide affordable support for improved family structure, boundaries, communication, and positive self-esteem. “Life Skills” groups are offered to nearly 2,500 children annually to build success (and self-esteem) through positive skill development.  The Bullying Prevention Program works with children to help them understand bullying roles, and strategies for handling bullying.  Nearly all children who have participated in this program report being teased, put down, or aggressed against due to at least one of the following: their name, religion, gender, race, economic class, or disability. Many fear merely leaving their homes every day because it is so painful for them. “Social skills” training groups (including “girls empowerment groups”) help tweens and teens understand that they are not alone, that they can take charge of their lives, and not succumb to peer pressure (for self-destructive behavior).  These programs build skills, confidence, and self-esteem.  Quotes from two participants: “I’ve learned that I’m okay just the way I am.”  “This group has made me stronger, as a girl.” What can be more important to a community than nurturing and guiding its children to lead happy and productive lives?  The Youth and Family Services Department is committed to this purpose.

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