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Author name: Elk Grove Township Staff

New Assessor data shows burden shift of 2023 reassessment appeals

In the 2023 reassessment cycle, properties in the south and west suburbs were reassessed. The updated property values are reflected on the second installment property tax bills that are online and will hit mailboxes in early July. Prior to the reassessment, residential property made up 68% of total assessed value, while non-residential made up 32%. After the CCAO set values and processed appeals in the south and west suburbs, homeowners’ share would have dropped slightly, to 67%. Because share of assessed value can correspond to share of tax burden, a drop in homeowners’ share could mean a drop in the share of tax burden. However, the CCAO is not the final arbiter of assessments in Cook County – the BoR has the ability to change property values during the appeals process. Following appeals with the BoR, the residential share of total assessed value increased to 71%. This was mainly because of appeals granted to non-residential properties: In total, the assessed value of non-residential property decreased $950 million, or just over 18%, during the BoR appeals stage. These changes in the distribution of the property tax burden could affect many of the second installment tax bills issued to homeowners in the coming weeks. Assessed values are used to calculate the tax base for individual taxing districts that, together with the levy, determine the tax rate. (Other factors, such as Tax Increment Financing districts, exemptions, the multiplier, and the “recapture” provision, also affect tax rates.) As a result of BoR appeals, homeowners in many parts of the south and west suburbs will take on a larger share of the tax burden – and a greater increase in their property taxes – than they would have under the CCAO’s values. Variations within townships Appeal changes varied significantly between each of the 17 townships that were part of the 2023 south suburban triennial reassessment. But the same pattern held throughout – in each township, homeowners saw their share of assessed value increase following appeals with the BoR. In Bloom Township, which includes Chicago Heights and Lynwood, residential property made up 65% of assessed value before the reassessment. The CCAO’s assessments increased total assessed values across the township by about $215 million, and decreased homeowners’ share of this value to 64%. In townships where residential property makes up the vast majority of the tax base, changes on appeal were less drastic but followed the same trend as elsewhere. In River Forest Township, for example, homeowners increased from 88% to 90% of the share of assessed value following appeals with the BoR. In individual south and west suburban municipalities, many of the same patterns held. Chicago Heights, Stickney, and Phoenix all saw homeowners take on a share of assessed values that was 9-10 percentage points greater under the Board of Review’s final values than the CCAO’s. It was only in Ford Heights that residential property’s share of value decreased following BoR appeals. About the CCAO Data Dashboards Data Dashboards are created by the Assessor’s Office to allow viewers to review assessments at each stage of the assessment process. In the first stage, the CCAO sets values and processes appeals. In the second and final stage, the Board of Review adjusts those values based on appeals filed in their office. The Dashboards provide a clear view of how the tax burden is split between residential and commercial property owners. They also show the burden shifts at each stage. The CCAO has released Data Dashboards since 2020 for townships and municipalities within Cook County. To explore all the publicly available data, visit

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Treasurer Maria Pappas analysis shows record-high property tax increases for south suburban homeowners

The biggest increases in homeowners’ tax bills occurred in 15 south suburbs where taxes soared 30% or more. Of those 15 suburbs, 13 have mostly Black populations. In two towns, Dixmoor and Phoenix, the median tax bill more than doubled. “Many homeowners are going to be shocked and angry when they get their bills,” Pappas said. “South suburban homeowners already pay some of the highest property taxes in the county, and these increases will make paying those bills even more difficult.” A research team created by Pappas released its Tax Year 2023 Bill Analysis, a detailed examination of nearly 1.8 million bills to be mailed to property owners July 2 and due a month later on Aug. 1. This year’s Second Installment bills include a new feature, “Where Your Money Goes,” that breaks down the amounts of money billed by each taxing district and shows whether taxes went up or down.  Among key findings of the analysis: Homeowners in the south and southwest suburbs are being hit hard because new assessment shifted 4% of the overall tax burden from businesses onto them. The financial shift was caused by elimination of the 10% COVID-19 assessment reduction enacted in 2020, higher home selling prices and the success businesses had appealing their assessments at the Board of Review, which handles appeals of valuations made by the Assessor’s Office. Particularly hard hit were homeowners in Park Forest, where the median residential bill rose by 56% to $7,152. In Dixmoor, the median bill increased by 122%, to $1,950. And in Phoenix, where nearly all of the village is in a tax increment finance district, the median bill shot up by 107% to $1,744.  Nearly 4,200 south and southwest suburban homeowners who paid no taxes last year will get bills this year. That’s because the value of their exemptions no longer exceeds the higher assessed values of their homes. The median for those bills was $1,115. Across the county, more than 1.3 million homeowners must pay more in property taxes, while about 251,600 were billed less. Taxes for more than 88,000 commercial properties increased, while nearly 28,000 went down. State law allows school districts to hike taxes by the prior year’s increase in the Consumer Price Index, or 5%, whichever is less. Because the CPI increased by 6.5% in 2022, school districts were allowed a 5% increase. But the overall percentage increase was higher, partly due to a provision called recapture. Recapture is a 2021 provision in the Illinois tax code that allows school districts and many local governments to recover money refunded to property owners who successfully appealed their taxes the previous year. Recapture led to an additional $136.3 million being tacked onto bills this year. That’s $51.9 million less than was added to property owners’ bills last year. Significant increases in the amount of money the city of Chicago and Chicago Public Schools said they needed to operate, coupled with recapture and higher tax increment financing district bills, boosted the overall property tax burden in Chicago by $221.8 million. That broke down as a $116.6 million increase on commercial properties and a $103.9 million increase on residential properties. The analysis is the latest addition to the Pappas Studies, a series of examinations of the complex property tax system available at  Property owners who don’t want to wait for their bills to arrive in the mail can pay their taxes online now at Partial payments are accepted.

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Elk Grove Township Food Pantry receives overwhelming community support

The #StampOutHunger Food Drive, organized by the National Association of Letter Carriers, is now recognized as the largest one-day food drive in the nation. Residents were encouraged to leave a bag of requested items — dried goods, canned goods, and other nonperishable food — by their mailbox, and their letter carrier did the rest. This initiative resulted in a remarkable 6,185 pounds of food being collected and donated to the food pantry. The Community Character Coalition (CCC) of Elk Grove hosted another successful food drive on May 18, focusing on essential items like broth, peanut butter, jams/jellies and canned chicken. This event is one of two annual food drives organized by the CCC, with all proceeds going directly to the township’s food pantry. Additionally, Dr. Brian Homann, DDS, offered a $1,000 match for any monetary donations collected during the drive. Thanks to the community’s enthusiastic participation, a total of 1,112 pounds of food was collected and donated. “The township is deeply grateful to area residents and organizations who have been steadfast supporters of the food pantry, given the increasing needs in our community,” said Elk Grove Township Supervisor George Busse. “The needs of our community continue to grow and we are proud of the community support that allows us to meet those needs.” As the gardening season is in full swing, the Elk Grove Township Food Pantry is calling on all local gardeners with an excess of fruits and vegetables. Fresh produce is highly coveted by families who rely on the food pantry, and donations are greatly appreciated. Gardeners who find themselves with more produce than they can consume or distribute are encouraged to donate their surplus. With numerous families in need, nothing will go to waste! The township accepts donations from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Tuesdays. They also accept packages from Amazon, FedEx or USPS. To receive a thank-you letter, include your name and address in the package. For individuals or groups who would like to make larger donations, the township can schedule a pickup time for their convenience. Monetary donations are also welcome and accepted to fill the gap between what is donated and higher demand items. Checks can be made payable to: “Elk Grove Township Food Pantry” and dropped off/mailed to the township offices, 600 Landmeier Road, Elk Grove Village, Illinois, 60007.

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Upcoming Deadline for Property Tax Bills Expected to be Aug. 1

Second installment tax bills cannot be issued until the county’s two tax appeal agencies complete processing of all tax appeals. During the last two years, computer compatibility problems between the agencies delayed appeal processing by several months and as a result, second installment tax bills were not due until December. This year, the appeal agencies made a concerted effort to complete their work earlier and they successfully processed all appeals as of May 5. Historically, appeal completion dates in early May have left enough time to complete the other steps necessary for bills to be issued on time. Unless there are unexpected delays in the remaining steps in the process, this year’s bills should be due Aug. 1. The budgets of schools and other local governments can be severely disrupted when the tax revenue they rely on arrives four or five months late, as has happened in the last two years. And the budgets of taxpayers also can be disrupted by unpredictable due dates for tax bills. The expected Aug. 1 due date for this year’s second installment bills will be just eight months after the due date of last year’s second installment bills, and during those eight months taxpayers will have paid three property tax bills. This will cause hardship for some. “For the sake of taxpayers and taxing districts, I hope there will be more certainty and predictability in tax bill due dates going forward,” said Assessor Carosielli. If you believe your property has been over-assessed, Elk Grove Township will assist you in researching comparable properties and submitting the appeal. The Assessor’s office is currently open to take assessment appeals for filing with the Cook County Assessor’s Office through Monday, July 1. To make an appointment, please call the Township Assessor’s office at (224) 265- 6110 or send an email to If you choose to send an email, you must include your name, PIN or address, phone number, and email address. To learn more about submitting an appeal, visit

Upcoming Deadline for Property Tax Bills Expected to be Aug. 1 Read More »

Elk Grove Township marks 50 years of providing crucial transportation service

If you’re not familiar with the township bus service, here’s what you need to know: 1. The township bus service for senior and disabled residents — age 55 and older for seniors; 18 and older for the disabled — offers three lift-equipped buses to accommodate walkers, wheelchairs, canes, shopping carts, etc.2. Rides within the township are free for registered residents and provide curb-to-curb service. 3. Reservations will be accepted up to two week prior to a scheduled appointment and services hours for the bus are Monday to Friday, 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Appointments must be scheduled to start between 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., with all appointments finished by 3 p.m. The Township Riders Initiative Program (TRIP), in partnership with PACE, was created for residents 60 years of age and older who need to travel outside of the township for medical appointments. This is a shared program between the townships of Elk Grove, Hanover, Palatine, Schaumburg, and Wheeling, although locations of travel are limited. The TRIP service area includes: Barrington, Palatine, Hanover, Schaumburg, Maine, and Wheeling Townships, along with some Veterans Affairs facilities and hospitals in downtown Chicago. Here’s what you need to know about TRIP: 1. The cost for this program is $5 for each township border crossed, with a maximum out-of-pocket expense of $10 each way.2. One caregiver or service animal is allowed to accompany the rider, at no additional charge. 3. Reservations are required at least three days prior to the appointment date, but no more then seven days ahead of time. Service hours for the TRIP program are Monday to Friday, 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturdays, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. “As we commemorate this milestone anniversary, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who have contributed to this invaluable service,” said Elk Grove Township Supervisor George Busse. “Here’s to another 50 years of enhancing the lives of our residents and connecting communities through our Transportation Department!” To use either of these transportation services, individuals must be residents of Elk Grove Township, provide a copy of their state ID or driver’s license, and fill out the application form found at If you or someone you know is choosing to age in place at home, consider the Elk Grove Township Transportation Department. To make an appointment for the township buses or TRIP Program, please call (224) 265-6115.

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Elk Grove Township Community Empowerment Fund holds annual Fundraiser

The annual fundraiser was sponsored by more than 20 local businesses. Another 30 businesses and individuals donated items for a raffle and silent auction. Over $8,000 was raised to support CEF’s mission. “The purpose of the fundraiser was not only to raise funds to assist the township in providing residents with critical aid, but it was also meant to raise awareness about this final safety net resource,” said CEF board member Corey Dewey. “The township is normally the last safeguard for residents struggling with basic needs. However, even a safety net can sometimes need a safety net and that’s what CEF provides.” Dewey cited several examples of times when the CEF board allocated funds to help meet a resident with an essential need. These were situations where the township and other government agencies could not provide help either because the family had exhausted their benefits, or their special needs did not qualify for assistance. She noted that funds have been allocated by the CEF to help a family who had lost their home in a fire to obtain temporary housing, to buy a water heater for a low-income veteran who had been without hot water for more than six months, and to restore cellphone service for a handicapped individual who was dependent on his phone for telehealth therapy. The distribution of funds is overseen by the organization’s board of directors which consists of four residents and three township representatives. Board member Kevin Kinsella noted that CEF is dependent on businesses and individuals for funding. “We receive no government funds and are reliant on support from the community. I think it is important that we stand up together to catch our neighbors who are falling through the social service cracks and give them a chance to get back on their feet.” Individuals who would like to know more about CEF can call Corey Dewey at (224) 222-0944. Donations can be made payable to “Community Empowerment Fund” and mailed or dropped off at Elk Grove Township, 600 Landmeier Road, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007. The mission of Elk Grove Township is to carry out the duties and responsibilities of township government as prescribed by Illinois law. The ways in which these goals are accomplished is by providing for the health, safety and welfare of all township residents, and to maintain the highways and property of the township both professionally and economically. Additionally, this mission is to be carried out in a timely and efficient manner with the highest degree of service to the taxpayers, thereby continuing the tradition of service provided by the township. The boundaries of Elk Grove Township are Central Road on the north; Mount Prospect Road on the east; Devon Avenue on the south; and Rohlwing Road (generally Route 53) on the west. About 66% of Elk Grove Village is in the township; 55% of Mount Prospect; 20% of Des Plaines; 15% of Arlington Heights and 10% of Rolling Meadows. About one-fourth of the geographic area of the township is unincorporated, a large portion of which is forest preserve. For information, visit or call (847)-437-0300.

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Save the dates for Elk Grove Township’s upcoming service events

The services available at these events will include document shredding, renewal of driver’s licenses and license plate stickers, disposal of unwanted prescriptions, health screenings and more. All these events will be held at the Elk Grove Township Hall, 600 Landmeier Road, in Elk Grove Village. Make sure to mark your calendars for the following upcoming events: Shredding Event: 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday, May 4. In partnership with the Elk Grove Village Lions Club, Elk Grove Township will host a free document shredding event Saturday, May 4 in the township’s east parking lot from 9 a.m. to noon. Please note there is a limit of two Banker’s boxes of documents per person, or until the truck is full. Community Services Day: 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Thursday, May 23. A Community Services Day will take place at the Township Hall, and include several service providers. The Cook County Sheriff’s Office will collect and safely dispose of unwanted prescription drugs, the Lions of Illinois Foundation will provide free hearing loss and retinal eye disease screenings, and Ascension Alexian Brothers will offer free blood pressure and cancer screenings, along with cancer education awareness. Additionally, the Illinois State Treasurer Mobile Unit will be on-site to help residents determine if they are the rightful owner of unclaimed funds. The state holds these funds until they are claimed by either the original owner or their heirs. The township’s Veterans Services officer and passport agents will also be available to share information about their services and to set up appointments. Finally, Cook County Commissioner Sean Morrison and a Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County representative will be available to share information and answer questions about Cook County services. No appointment is necessary to attend this event and walk-ins are welcome. Secretary of State Mobile DMV Unit: 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Friday, June 28. The Secretary of State Mobile DMV Unit will be at the Township Hall and will help residents obtain a REAL ID, renew, duplicate, or correct their driver’s license or state ID, renew license plate stickers, or register as a voter or organ donor. All of these services are by appointment only. To sign up, call (847) 437-0300. More information on these events will be in the township’s April newsletter, which will be arriving at homes the week of April 15. Information is also available on the township’s website at

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Elk Grove Township provides administrative services open to all

The most in-demand service has consistently been procuring passports. Elk Grove Township serves as a Passport Acceptance Facility assisting with the submission of passport applications and offering guidance on passport related inquiries. Also, passport photos can be obtained at the township for the nominal fee of $10, making the township a comprehensive one-stop destination for individuals with passport needs. Passport agents at the township speak English, Spanish and Polish. Any individual who does not have a valid passport can apply for a new one, while passport renewals are available for minors and adults whose passports have expired for five years or longer. Replacement passports are available only for those that have been stolen, lost or damaged. An appointment is required for all passport services and can be scheduled Monday through Friday between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. by calling (847) 437-0300. The passport processing time by the U.S. Department of State can take up to eight weeks, but expedited service is also available for an additional charge. For general passport information, please visit There is also a high demand for fishing licenses, given the township’s proximity to Busse Lake. Illinois fishing licenses need to be renewed on an annual basis and are currently available at the township offices. Salmon, trout and habitat stamps are also available for an additional fee. Fishing licenses are not required for individuals under the age of 16, the disabled or active-duty military. Notary services and temporary handicap placards can also be obtained at the township. There is no charge for these services and no appointment is necessary. To qualify for a handicap placard, an individual must have signed documentation from the applicant’s physician verifying the need for a placard. The township can only issue temporary handicap placards for up to six months. To obtain a permanent placard a request must be submitted to the Illinois Secretary of State. More information can be found at “We’re pleased that we are able to provide these services not only to our residents, but also to individuals without access to these resources who live outside of the township,” said Elk Grove Township Supervisor George Busse.” Our assistance with passports is particularly of value. Our staff is very knowledgeable and can simplify what can often be a long, frustrating process.” For information on these and other township services, please contact the township at (847) 437-0300 or visit

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Elk Grove Township serves area youth

These needs include health care, opportunities for social growth and social development, community connections and involvement, and family support. While all of the township’s social service departments are involved in the various programs that serve our youth, the Township Youth Services Department plays the primary role. Led by the Youth Services Director Renee Dorn, the department offers valuable individual and group programs, both at the township and in local schools. The Youth Services team works closely with School Districts 59 and 57 to provide in-classroom programs that address, among other issues, female empowerment, bully prevention and social skill development. The demand for these programs has grown significantly since students returned to school after the COVID-19 shutdown. These programs are also offered on-site at the township and often make use of the Challenge Course located on the property — a low ropes course that propels young participants through physical and mental activities that help to develop communication skills, problem solving and reinforce the value of teamwork and trust. A new school program is the Student Hygiene Closet, which provides personal products to middle school students who may not have access to them. The team also assists High School District 214 by participating in the district’s “Life Program” that helps students with disabilities successfully transition into life beyond high school. In addition, the team works with Elk Grove High School to host Student Government Days where the students are introduced to the workings of local government and encouraged to be involved in their communities. “I believe our Youth Services programs are of great value. Our partnerships with local schools and the programs we hold on-site at the township are all focused on helping our youth navigate life’s challenges and gain the skills needed to successfully make the transition into adulthood,” said Elk Grove Township Supervisor George Busse. Supervisor Busse also pointed out that a unique township youth program that has been on hold for a couple years is coming back later this fall. “Our Bike Safety Course will be up and running for the fall school semester,” he said. “The township has offered bike safety courses to local schools for more than 50 years, but we had to put things on pause for a while after we moved to our new offices three years ago to reconstruct it.” Many residents who grew up in Elk Grove Township participated in this program, and there have been consistent inquiries as to when it would start again. In anticipation of its reopening, the township is currently accepting donations of new or gently used bikes for children K-5. Bikes can be dropped off at the township offices, 600 Landmeier Road, in Elk Grove Village, between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. weekdays. Information about township youth programs can be found at

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Elk Grove Township Social Services 2023 Highlights

Pictured above is the Fusion Xtreme Cheer team wrapping holiday presents for the Older Adult Angel Tree program. General Assistance: Monthly financial assistance to help residents, 18 and older, to meet basic needs, including shelter, food, transportation and utilities. Emergency Assistance: Provides financial support (issued once during a 24-month period) due to a crisis circumstance that may include eviction or disconnection of utilities. CEDA Programs: Known commonly as LIHEAP (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program) this program offers one-time financial assistance during a calendar year to pay heating and electricity bills for income-eligible households. Food Pantry: A “client choice” model, the Food Pantry allows individuals to select items that they prefer. All township residents are invited to utilize the Food Pantry; new clients should bring a utility bill. ID, and arrive 15 minutes early to register. Medical Lending Closet: Township residents can borrow a wide variety of gently used medical equipment for up to three months at a time. Curbside pickup is available upon request. Employment Assistance: Our new website has a Jobs Board which helps township residents identify local job opportunities. In addition, the township’s employment counselor can assist jobseekers in updating their resumes and improving their job interview skills. To learn more about these and other programs/services, please click on the “Services” tab in the upper-right-hand corner of the website. In addition to the programs mentioned above, other township programs have recently been created to meet new or growing community needs. They include: The township added an Older Adult Programming and Support Specialist to help streamline services and offer more resources for seniors. This individual manages the Senior Health Insurance Program (SHIP), is a certified counselor, assists with Mobile Dental Clinic screenings, navigates the Benefit Access Program and more. Township seniors can make an appointment by calling 2244-222-0942. The “Older Adult Angel Tree” is a new program that served 164 lower-income seniors who received gifts of their choosing for the holidays. Additionally, 124 children were sponsored through the “Hope for Holidays” program, where gift cards were given to in-need parents to purchase gifts for their children. The Township would like to thank the Fusion Xtreme Cheer team, whose enthusiastic support of the township’s holiday programs made a huge difference! This group of young people not only dedicated their time to wrapping gifts for the Older Adult Angel Tree but also filled stockings with candy to support the Hope for Holidays program. Community groups, such as Girl Scouts/Boy Scouts, athletic teams, nonprofits and others looking to donate or give back through volunteering are encouraged to follow the township on its social media channels- including Facebook, Instagram, X and LinkedIn to learn more about upcoming events.  Monetary or food donations to help support neighbors in need can be made in person during regular business hours, Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monetary donations can also be mailed to: Elk Grove Township, 600 Landmeier Rd, Elk Grove Village, IL, 60007 or accepted online by clicking the “Ways to Donate” button in the upper-right-hand corner of the website. For any questions, please call the township at 847-437-0300.

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