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Elk Grove Township is committed to providing residents with the level of services and programs that best fit their wants and needs.


Meet the team of elected officials and trustees making decisions with the township’s best interest in mind.


Your resource for all matters related to Township meetings, official minutes, finances, and funding.


From applying for tax exemptions to filing property tax appeals, get answers to questions about your property tax bills.


Your property taxes are based upon your home’s estimated value. Find out how the property tax appeal process works and, if necessary, how the Township can help you appeal your property tax bill.


Exemptions can waive or reduce some of the property taxes you pay. Learn more about the available exemptions for which you may qualify and how to apply for them to legally reduce what you own in taxes.


The Township offers a variety of free programs and services to help residents regain control of their lives and achieve self-sufficiency. Learn more about the many valuable resources available to you.

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As a resident of this Township, you are eligible to access programs and resources to help you through any physical or financial challenges you may face. Reach out to us should you need assistance or referrals to services in your time of need.

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From transportation and employment to passports and parking placards, you’ll find a wide variety of helpful services designed to save you time and energy. If it makes your life easier and serves the needs of the community, you’ll find it here.

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About the Assessor’s Office

The Assessor’s Purpose

By statute the township Assessor is the Deputy to the Cook County Assessor and is under direction from that office. However, since our Township Assessor does not assess, this office is in the unique position of being able to assist taxpayers with assessed value complaints along with other services, such as filing exemptions.


Property Tax


Our Assessors are here to help you and make your property tax appeal process as simple as possible. The Township is divided into neighborhoods, and your home is given a class code that is determined by the style of the house you live in. Our assessors will look for properties that are “comparable” to your home, and that are in the same neighborhood and class as your home in evaluating your appeal.

Property Tax


There are different exemptions you may be able to apply for regarding your property taxes. They include, but are not limited to, a homeowner’s exemption, senior citizen exemption, senior freeze exemption, disabled veteran’s exemption, and more. Please refer to the links below for more detailed information about the exemption(s) you may qualify for.

For more information or to schedule an appointment contact the Elk Grove Township Assessors Office


Meet the Assessor and Staff

Laurie Wagner

Laurie Wagner has been with the Assessor’s Office since 2002. She received her Certified Illinois Assessment Officer (C.I.A.O.) designation in 2004. Mrs. Wagner came to the Assessor’s Office from the recruiting and employment field. Laurie has been a resident in Mount Prospect for over 35 years and has one daughter, Carri.

Annette White

Annette has been with the Assessor’s Office since November of 2015. She earned her Certified Illinois Assessment Officer (C.I.A.O) designation in 2019. She grew up in Elk Grove and has resided in Elk Grove Village for the last 27 years.

Brian White

Bryan has been with the Assessor’s Office since June 2017. He earned his Certified Illinois Assessment Officer (C.I.A.O.) designation in June 2019. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality and enjoys spending time with his wife, reading, and playing video games in his leisure time.

Assessor’s News

The Elk Grove Township Assessor’s office is here to help taxpayers with property location changes, assessed value complaints, triennial reassessments, and other services such as filing exemptions.

Upcoming Deadline for Property Tax Bills Expected to be Aug. 1
For the first time in several years, second installment property tax bills in Cook County are expected to be mailed by July 1 and due on Thursday, Aug. 1, in accordance with state law. If this expectation holds true, it may come as a surprise to taxpayers, according to Connie Carosielli, Elk Grove Township Assessor. This is because the due dates in recent years have been considerably later than Aug. 1.
Elk Grove Township Assessor Is a Taxpayer Advocate
Acting as a taxpayer advocate is an integral part of the Elk Grove Township Assessor’s daily work in serving Township residents. A variety of helpful services, resources and education related to property taxes, as well as assistance with filing for property tax appeals and exemptions, are available by visiting the office at 600 Landmeier Road in Elk Grove Village (east entrance) or via phone and email.