Transportation, Medicare assistance, legal services and more are offered to help seniors and those who are disabled to gain self-reliance.

Elk Grove Township offers a multitude of resources and services for senior citizens living in the Township. Among them are transportation for residents who are 55 and older, or living with a disability. Recently, the Township added an Older Adult Program and Benefits Specialist to its staff, who helps seniors navigate Medicare, apply for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and make appointments for the Northwest Community Healthcare Township Mobile Dental Clinic. The Specialist can be contacted at 224-222-0942.

The Township also recently initiated a, “Senior Community Check In” service which provides a dedicated case manager that checks in via phone monthly with seniors enrolled in the program. The case manager can verify their wellbeing and determine if any assistance is needed. To get more information or to sign up for the program, call 224-265-6111.

The Township is particularly proud of its transportation services that are available to residents who are 55 and older or living with a disability. Due to growing demand and increased safety considerations, the Township upgraded its fleet over the last two years with three new handicap accessible buses. Seniors and disabled individuals 18 years of age and older, can be picked up at their homes and taken to doctors’ appointments, the grocery store, salons, fitness centers, restaurants, and other locations within the Township’s borders. For seniors 60+ requiring transportation to healthcare appointments outside Township borders, transportation can be arranged through the Township/Pace Riders Initiative Program (TRIP). For other appointments or errands outside Township borders, residents can sign up for a Taxi Discount Card to get a $5 discount for each ride with a 303 Taxi for up to ten times per month. Residents interested in transportation services should call the new transportation number, 224-265-6115, for more information or to schedule a ride.

In addition, seniors (and all residents living in the Township) can utilize the “Client Choice” food pantry, where they can select the food items they prefer, along with the Medical Closet that provides all types of needed medical equipment to be borrowed at no charge.

“The Township is committed to helping our senior and disabled residents to become more independent and self-reliant through transportation, benefits assistance and other supportive services – all of which uphold our motto of, ‘Empowering People Through Community’,” said Supervisor George Busse.

Busse encourages all residents to visit to get more information about the Township’s senior/disabled services, as well as the myriad of other services provided.