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Elk Grove Township is committed to providing residents with the level of services and programs that best fit their wants and needs.


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From applying for tax exemptions to filing property tax appeals, get answers to questions about your property tax bills.


Your property taxes are based upon your home’s estimated value. Find out how the property tax appeal process works and, if necessary, how the Township can help you appeal your property tax bill.


Exemptions can waive or reduce some of the property taxes you pay. Learn more about the available exemptions for which you may qualify and how to apply for them to legally reduce what you own in taxes.


The Township offers a variety of free programs and services to help residents regain control of their lives and achieve self-sufficiency. Learn more about the many valuable resources available to you.

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As a resident of this Township, you are eligible to access programs and resources to help you through any physical or financial challenges you may face. Reach out to us should you need assistance or referrals to services in your time of need.

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From transportation and employment to passports and parking placards, you’ll find a wide variety of helpful services designed to save you time and energy. If it makes your life easier and serves the needs of the community, you’ll find it here.

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Latest News

Elk Grove Township Plans Expanded Services in New Location

Once all operations are under one roof by the first quarter of 2020, one improvement will be with the food pantry becoming a ‘client’s choice model’.

Elk Grove Township is proud to announce that with the opening of their new location at 600 Landmeier Road in Elk Grove Village in early 2020, services for in-need residents will be improved. One such example will be with the food pantry, which will move to a ‘Client’s Choice Model’ and offers a variety of benefits.

This model allows individuals to ‘self-select’ items, instead of receiving pre-packaged food. Since everyone’s tastes are different, those who utilize the food pantry will be able to choose their preferred food selections, and the Township will be able to better manage ordering and inventory, all of which will lead to less waste.

Additional space in the new location will accommodate a commercial walk-in refrigerator and freezer section, allowing the Township to accept more donations–including those of fresh fruits and vegetable. In the current building, these donations have to be turned away due to the lack of space and facilities.

“It can be very challenging and a matter of pride for people to admit they are struggling and need help; the food pantry is open to all Elk Grove Township residents and can provide a hand up to assist them during difficult times,” said Elk Grove Township Supervisor Mike Sweeney.

Upon utilizing the food pantry, individuals meet with a Township caseworker to verify residency, and to determine challenges that have caused them to need to utilize this assistance. Additional services through the Township, including home energy bill relief through LIHEAP (Low Income Energy Assistance Program), the employment center, counseling services and more, can be offered to help the individual, as well as family members, if needed.

“We are proud to take a holistic approach to help address the challenges that people experience in life. Our staff works to get to the root of the problem, in an effort to ultimately empower people,” Sweeney said.

The planned expansion of the food pantry is made possible in part by generous donations made through the Elk Grove Township Community Empowerment Fund, a 501(c)3 that that helps to provide emergency assistance for residents when needed. The Township is seeking corporate donors and local businesses to join this program. Please call 847-437-0300 and ask for Paul Pioch or Lisa Menich.

The new Elk Grove Township location is the result of a consolidation effort to bring all services provided by the Township under one roof, which previously have been provided in different buildings. The goal is not only to lower the cost of operations, but also to improve the services offered to Township residents. For more information, visit