New services include adult counseling offered on a sliding scale, along with department name changes to better reflect core functions.

Elk Grove Township continues to develop new ways and approaches to achieve its mission of empowering people through community. As a result, new services to assist Township residents are now being offered, and the name of departments providing these vital services have been renamed to better reflect core functions and what they each provide.

Social Services

The newly named Social Services Department (formerly General Assistance) was originally created to administer General Assistance only, but over time, the Township has added dozens of new programs including financial assistance, the food pantry, holiday giving programs, employment counseling, information and referrals services, and more. Due to this program expansion, the department was renamed to better reflect the services offered to the community.

Youth Services Department

The Youth Services Department – previously called Youth and Family Services – had humble beginnings in the early 1970s and addressed counseling needs and positive interactions for teens. In recent years and due to growing needs, the Township expanded these services to include all types of groups for young people ages seven through high school. Many of them are offered at District 59 schools and provided by Elk Grove Township Youth Services. Additionally, summer programs, including Girls Empowerment groups, Social Skills groups, and the ‘challenge course’ that teaches these young people how to effectively work and communicate in groups, are also offered. These programs now have their own, dedicated department name as they continue to thrive and grow.

Adult and Family Counseling Department

While the Township continues to address the needs of the children through family counseling, these services are now available to individual adults on a sliding fee scale. What was previously known as the Youth and Family Services Department is now called the Adult and Family Counseling Department.

Fulfilling the Township’s Mission

“Elk Grove Township remains committed to providing services our residents need so that they can become empowered and get back on their feet in many cases,” said Elk Grove Township Supervisor Mike Sweeney. “We are proud of these additions and changes, which help us to better align our services with our core mission to empower our residents through services offered to the Township community.”

Please visit for more information on all of the programs and services available or call 847-437-0300.