Transportation Services for Elk Grove Township Elderly and Disabled

Seniors 55 and older, and disabled residents who are 18 or older (defined as developmentally disabled, ADA certified or those who have extreme mental illness) can take advantage of transportation services.  “Maintaining autonomy and independence for our seniors and disabled residents is an important offering to help them to feel empowered,” said Elk Grove Township Supervisor Mike Sweeney. “Our residents who need this assistance can take advantage of safe and secure services that help them to get to important medical appointments and to access other essential services.” DIAL-A-Bus: Elk Grove Township’s DIAL-A-Bus Program offers regular bus services with lifts for wheelchair passengers and for individuals who have difficulty navigating steps. There is no charge for these bus trips, which can be for medical appointments or for transportation to the grocery store, pharmacy, or to other locations within Elk Grove Township boundaries. Dialysis and doctor appointments do take precedence when scheduling, and space is limited, so reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis. Donations are voluntary and receptacles are located next to the driver on each bus to help defray the cost of bus services.  Taxi Services: Senior and disabled residents are issued a debit card once they have been approved and become registered with the Elk Grove Township Taxi Program. Riders must be able to walk without assistance to participate in this program.  Each use of the debit card is worth $5 and can be used for a one-way trip. Current registered riders who have not received their debit card should call the Township at 847-437-0300. Taxi services are provided through a partnership with 303 Taxi, which is based in Mount Prospect.  TRIP Program: The Township Rider Initiative Program (TRIP) is the Northwest Suburban Cook County Inter-Township transportation service, and provided in partnership with PACE for medical purposes only. Senior and disabled residents from Elk Grove, Hanover, Palatine, Schaumburg, and Wheeling townships can be transported to locations outside of their Township for a cost of $10. The cost is $20 if two or more townships borders are crossed for the appointment. Disabled riders who qualify are required to have someone assist them during trips since bus drivers are unable to leave the vehicle at any time.  To qualify for transportation services, riders must first fill out an application form. Online applications for bus, taxi services and TRIP can be found by scrolling to the bottom of the page and downloading the appropriate form at For any questions regarding transportation services, please call 847-437-0300.

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