Partnerships such as the Employment Support Center reinforce a philosophy around giving those who are struggling, the tools to stand on their own.

In early 2016, Elk Grove Township revised their logo and its accompanying tagline, which now reads, “Empowering People Through Community”. Since that time, several public and private partnerships have been established to reinforce this philosophy. The overarching goals are not only to provide a wider array of services and support to Township residents, but also to ensure the government body is running as lean as possible.

The Employment Support Center, which was established in the spring of 2016, is an example of how the Township is taking steps to empower its residents. The center is run by RPP Enterprises, which provides assistance with resumes, interviewing, networking and job searches.

When an individual applies to receive General Assistance at the Township, they are required to schedule an appointment with the Employment Support Center if they are unemployed.

“We are committed to giving our residents the tools they need to stand on their own,” said Elk Grove Township Supervisor, Mike Sweeney. “The message here is that we will provide help, but if residents can change their circumstances, the expectation is that they take steps to do that.”

Elk Grove Township has held itself to the same standard of improvement in regards to the use of tax dollars. Since 2013, the tax levies have been frozen for both the Town Fund and General Assistance Funds.

Sweeney credits strong fiscal management and strategic partnerships with businesses, non-profits and faith-based organizations for many resident-focused programs that have been established over the last few years.

Programs such as the Back to School Blast Off which provides school supplies for in-need District 59 students, as well as the Snow Angels program that garners donations of snow pants, snow boots and coats for these students. Both have resulted from partnerships within the community with a minimal investment from the Township.

For 2016, Sweeney said the goal is to reduce the General Assistance fund by 13-percent, and the Town Fun by 5-percent.

“We are always looking for ways to reduce the tax levy, while continuing to invest in our clients, and helping them to help themselves,” he said.