Problems with Peers

“My son has no friends. He just doesn’t see how he alienates other children.”

This parent plea is often heard by the staff of the Youth Services Department of Elk Grove Township. Fortunately, help is […]

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Parents are increasingly asking about the “new world” of Cyberbullying.  The stereotypic bullying (physical attacks, threats, name calling, rumor spreading, exclusion) can be devastating enough.  But, with the advent and increasing use among children […]

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Instilling Empathy

One common admonition from all of the world’s great religions is a variation of “treat others as you would have them treat you.” Oh, if we could only live up to this prescription. Today, one of the biggest challenges we are seeing with school children is the extent to which they are treating each other poorly, often in mean-spirited, hurtful ways. Add to this the phenomenon of social media on phones and computers, and the avenues for inflicting hurt have exploded exponentially.

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