More Families Cycling During the Pandemic!

This spring & summer amid the COVID-19 social distancing order, there’s been a small bright spot, bicycle riding! People are cycling more than ever before.  Click here to read the full article.

Bicycle Safety Program Seeks Repair Volunteer –

Elk Grove Township is seeking someone that is interested in repairing bicyclyes that are used on our Bicycle Safety Course.  Please contact us if you, or someone you know, have some experience in bicycle repair.  Contact Sandy Henmueller at 847/437-0300.

Children are invited to participate from grades K-5. We encourage all grade levels to participate every year as the program is progressive with new skills introduced each year.Bicycle Safety is a one of a kind program provided by Elk Grove Township to all students of our Township. The program is funded by the taxpayers that live in our township, and has been in existence for almost 30 years.

Our Bicycle Safety program is two-fold. We first have an in-class presentation by one of our assistants – this includes a visual map of a street, learning the meaning of street markings and signs, hand signals and a video on bike safety. A Bicycle Safety Activity Booklet is given to each student. This presentation may be done in the school or at our facility. Each program is geared toward the specific grade level of students.

Following the in-class program, within a day or two, the students attend our facility to have a hands-on experience riding the bicycles and using all the information they just learned. The children now become drivers of a vehicle and must exhibit all correct hand signals and all procedures involved in being a safe driver. Also, to promote the importance of wearing a bicycle helmet, one helmet is given to each class to be raffled off by the classroom teacher.

The program is also available to children who live outside the township during the fall season. This includes scout groups and church groups. The fee is $125.00 for each group of up to 20 children for approximately one hour and fifteen minute field trip.

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